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Rafting in Nepal

The majestic abundance of high mountain theater of glacial streams flowing down to make the tributaries and source of every river system of Nepal is undeniable. It has thus led to open up a gateway of various outdoor water sports in Nepal with rafting trips leading the way. River rafting adventure sports in Nepal is no doubt the second most sought outdoor thriller after trekking in Nepal. The quest and hunt of entertaining rivers for rafting in Nepal are numerous and it varies to certain lengths in duration. 

Some of the action packed trips in the field of river adventure in Nepal are,  Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal, Canoeing, Rafting Trips blending with nature and culture, Fishing Trips in Nepal, White Water Trips, Rafting Trips in different parts of Nepal's river with various grades, White Water Rafting in Nepal and other entertaining River Running activities  and White Water Sports are a fun to be a part in Nepal.

A very family featuring type of river rafting trips is most enjoyable in the Seti River with its tributaries flowing all the way from the Annapurna Himalayan range. Besides River rafting, Seti river is most known for learning to Kayak and has enthralled beginners from various countries. Though Just a two day trip but enough to cling into your memory of a life time.. River System of Nepal   

Rafting Rivers in Nepal 

Nepal is dream destination of rafting and kayaking experts. White water rafting in 
Nepal is often by River Runner's Paradise.  Indeed nowhere else, one can get such a choice from easy to heart throbbing and a single day to multi-days whitewater Rafting trips. Rafting in Nepal, Nepal has something for everyone. Weather you are beginner or an expert, safe, personalized and professional services will be made avail for all rivers.

Trisuli River Rafting
Trisuli River Rafing
The Trishuli River Very popular  whitewater Rafting destination in Nepal due to its easy accessible. It is an excellent river for those who are lookingfor a day short Rafting trip....Read more...  


Sunkoshi River Rafting
Sunkoshi River RaftingSunkoshi River Rafting is  most popular classic expedition-rafting trip is one of the top ten-river journeys in the world. The sun Koshi rises near by Tibet, joined in the Bhote Koshi.....Read more.. 


Karnali River Rafting
Karnali River RaftingKarnali River , Kayaking in Karnali or Fishing in Karnali River is one of the best trips available in the world. The Wild West classic Karnali one consider as longest river of Nepal. The Karnali River rafting combined with some of the most beautiful canyons found in Nepal  .Read more.


 Bhotekoshi River Rafting
Bhote Koshi River RaftingBhote koshi is another popular river for whitewater Rafting in Nepal, originates in the Tibetan Plateau from where it flows down steep gorges to southern Nepal.Naturally, the Landscape it flows through is rugged, adding thrills to the Rafting trips. Bhotekoshi River is a tough ride with Class IV and Class V rapids. Read more... 


  Kayaking in Nepal

Kayaking in nepa
l, Nepal is fast becoming known as one the planet premier-kayaking destination. It is without a doubt that  kayaking is one of the most addictive sports possible. Kayaking is an encapsulation of life, when you kayak that is all you do. From the moment you pull your spray-skirt over your kayak the rest of your life ceases to exist and the fun begins. Great equipment and expert instructors insure that your introduction to kayaking in the Himalayas is safe, positive and enjoyable. No previous experience is required other than the right mental attitude and a sense of adventure. In fact Nepal is one of the best places for a total learner kayaker to begin.

Itinerary for Kayak Instruction Course
Day 1 : Dept. KTM 7.00 a.m. Lunch, equipment introduction, safety talk, wet exit and basic paddle Strokes.           
Day 2 : Introduction to ferry glides, eddy work, support strokes, T-rescue and river reading skills.             
Day 3 : Kayaking & Introduction to Eskimo Roll.
Day 4 : Kayaking, Eskimo rolling and wave surfing.
             Dept. back to KTM.

 Fixed Departure River Rafting in Nepal 2019

Trisuli RiverEvery dayEvery DayEvery Day

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Sunkoshi River  On requestOn requestOn request

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Karnali RiverOn RequestOn requestOn request

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Tamur RiverOn RequestOn requestOn request

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Seti RiverTwice a weekTwice a weekTwice a week

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Bhotekoshi Every DayEvery DayEvery Day

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Marshyangdi On RequestOn requestOn request

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KaligandakiOn requestOn requestEvery Sun/Wed

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Seti KarnaliOn RequestOn requestOn request

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Bheri River
On RequestOn requestOn Request

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Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a small Himalayan Country with a very rich bio diversity and elevation ranging  from 70m above sea level to the worlds highest top Mt. Everest 8848m. Trekking in Nepal  is one of the most illustrious and exciting activity sports welcoming the trekking buff who will be captivated by the unexplored mountain ranges of Nepal. It offers awe-inspiring alluring trekking routes in the infinite feasting arena of the Nepalese Himalayas most impressive structure of mountains chain. For centuries the setting for epic feats of exploration and mountain climbing, are a world into itself with limitless possibilities for trekking tours, mountaineering, river rafting and fit to order outdoor tours within this enthralling field and particular points of importance for the trekker. In Nepal Trekking enthusiast can also walk around the hardy splendor of the lofty mountains romancing the sparkling waterfalls cascading down in delight, like the moon touching the sky. Experience the thrill of sheer quest, mounting the heights and being a part of the Himalayan scenery is an occurrence beyond contrast with a mix of escapade, contentment and self apprehension.

Main region and Areas of Trekking:
Everest Region, Langtang Region, Annapurna Region and Restricted Areas.