Booking and Payment Condition:

The following booking conditions apply to all trips operated by United River Adventure (P.) Ltd.

Booking Terms:
We prefer to have the confirmed booking in advance prior to the arrival of the clients, pre-booking is kept on high priority.

Voucher Issuance:
We prefer to have voucher from the Travel/Rafting/trekking Agency that has been associated with United River Adventure p. ltd. We prefer to have the voucher from each of the clients on their arrival mentioning your company’s address and all the services that are required.

Payment Condition:
We prefer to have 30% of the total amount after the confirmation of the booking and, the rest amount our clients can make it upon arrival in Kathmandu.

Cancellation Policy:
Prior to 25 days of arrival, 25% of the contracted price.
Prior to 14 days of arrival, 50% of the contracted price.
Prior to 07 days of arrival, 100% of the contracted price.
Complimentary Policy:

1 pax (or the tour leader) 100% complimentary on 15 paying pax for Rafting,Trekking, hotel, Flights -land transportation, package tours,

1 pax (or the tour leader) 50% complimentary on 10 paying pax for Rafting,Trekking, hotel, air-land transportation. Except: National park fees, special permit of trek

There will be no refunds if a passenger leaves a trip for any reason whatsoever, either voluntarily or involuntarily, after it has begun. We will make no refunds for any meals, accommodation or services not used.

Good health and physical fitness is required on all trips like as tour, travel, Rafting, holidays, trekking, peak climbing and expedition. We recommend a physical examination for all trekkers on extended treks.

Emergency Rescue Evacuation:
The helicopter cost is USD 1825.00 per hour. It all depends upon the rescue location & flying hours. Normally it takes 3 to 4 hours of flying hours but, again, it entirely depends upon the location and the weather at the time of rescue. So, all the clients need to have their medical & rescue insurance before arriving here. We can arrange the rescue operation and expect all the cost to be settled after the rescue here in Kathmandu. We can arrange all the necessary documents as a support for submitting to the client’s Insurance Company.

Unforeseen Events:
If the domestic flight is cancelled or delayed due to poor weather condition or technical reason then we can not take responsibility, however, we will be at our best to the any alternation. If the tour is cut short or breaks in between due to natural disaster then the cost is not refundable once paid.

It is a condition while booking a trek with United River Adventure  that travelers/trekkers must be protected by insurance that covers cancellation, accidents, health, emergency evacuation, and lost of items, theft of or damage to baggage and personal effects. All costs for emergency evacuation must be paid in cash in Nepal unless an insurance company has agreed to pay the costs on your behalf. It is important that any insurance policy issued to cover emergency evacuation for a trek does not exclude alpinism or mountaineering. Rescue insurance is not available in Nepal.

Staff Insurance:
Nepalese staff insurance exists to all our trekking staffs.

We reserve the right to refuse to continue to carry any passenger(s) causing inconvenience or annoyance to other travellers/trekkers, or creating difficulties that would hamper the smooth running of a trip. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions, or any consequential losses resulting there from. If a traveller/trekker is injured or becomes ill, all evacuation and hospital expenses, doctors' fees and repatriation costs are the traveller/trekker's responsibility, and United River Adventure shall not be liable for any refund of the tour fare.

Assumption of Risk
The traveller/trekker should understand that during the course of the trip, certain risks and dangers may occur, including, but not limited to, the hazards of travelling in mountainous terrain, accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities, and the forces of nature. The traveller/trekker agrees to assume all risks associated with the journey, and agrees that no liability will be attached to the company or its outfitters, employees or agents, or to any member of the tour group in respect to death, personal injury, illness or delay of traveller/trekker, or for any loss or damage to the property of the traveller/trekker during the course of the trip, howsoever caused.