Nepal River System

River System in Nepal


The Karnali in the far west of Nepal is by far the largest and the longest River notable for long rafting trips, fresh water Dolphins sighting and as a premier fishing river of Nepal. Cutting its edge from the Himalayan basin as a trans-boundary river from Tibet the tributaries of this river system is a togetherness of Humla Karnali, Mugu Karnali, rafting river Seti Karnali and the Bheri River much-admired for fishing trips as well. These entire rivers flow down as the Karnali finally to meet the river Ganges in India the southern Neighbor of Nepal.

The most common rafting trips in Nepal are in the central river system known as Gandaki River system. KaliGandaki is the longest among Budhi Gandaki, Marsyanghi River, Seti River, Madi and Daraundi rivers with its tributaries all originating from the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan range to reach the Narayani River system in central Nepal. Its main tributary the Trishuli River a Trans-boundary river however, originates from Himalayan heights from Tibet making its own tributaries with many feeder rivers along it way as it curves with the Marshangdi River flowing from Mustang at Mungling to convert into mighty Narayani at Devi Ghat. 

From the east the river system is known as the Koshi connected with seven tributaries it is lastly named SaptaKoshi literally meaning seven Koshi Rivers. Three of the major tributaries that originate all the way from Tibet are the Bhote Koshi, Sun Koshi and the Arun River. The river system gathers full momentum as other mighty tributaries such as the Indrawati, Dudh Koshi, the Barun River and the Tamur River joins it.


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Nepal River Information For Rafting and Kayaking

Rivers in Nepal


Difficulty (Grade)

Distance of the River

Volume of the River(cumecs)

4daysIII to IV5okm Apprx.120 Cumecs
1 to 2IV to V35 km Apprx.90 comecs
3 DaysIII to IV+60 km Apprx.120 cumecs
7 daysIII to IV+180 km Appr.300 cumecs
3 to 4III to V52 km Aprrx.80 cumecs
2daysII to III35 km Apprx.40 cumecs
5 to 6IV to -V131 km Appr.200 cumecs
1 to 3II to III106km Apprx300 cumecs
4 dayIV to IV+55km Apprx.150 comecs
9daysIV -V272km Apprx400 cumecs
7daysIII to IV172km Apprx200 cumecs
5daysIV to V+57km Apprx.80 cumecs
2daysIV to V+27km Apprx.90 cumecs